care instructions 

Our microfiber towels for textured hair are made with the finest microfiber yarn, a blend of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. The yarn is split before being woven to create a plush fabric with high absorbency.

DYAKIM’s microfiber towels are the best option for drying your hair without stripping the natural oils that cause your hair to over-dry. Our towels for textured hair are made from tangle-free fibers that prevent hair breakage and withstand 300 washes while it maintains its plush surface.

Follow these care instructions for best results:

1. We recommend you wash your towel before first use. Always fold and attach all velcro tabs onto turban towel. Machine wash in warm water on gentle cycle, tumble dry on warm, and/or hang dry.

2. Dry your towel immediately after washing. Air dry preferably or tumble dry on low heat. 

3. Wash with like colors for best results. Dry your towel / turban with other bath and body towels.

4. Avoid all fabric softeners and bleach.

5. Avoid detergents with concentrated cleansing agents, like Borax or Oxi cleaners. Liquid detergents work best with fibers to maintain a soft feel.

6. When you hand wash your towel / turban, only use a minimal amount of liquid detergent for best results. Fully rinse out all detergent, and avoid powder detergents completely.

7. After each use, hang dry your hair towel / turban with the label / loop conveniently provided for better air circulation, and quicker drying time.