Thank you for visiting DYAKIM™. Our company is a luxury beauty and hair lifestyle brand that designs markets high quality microfiber hair turbans, towels and silk hair accessories. DYAKIM is co-founded by designer friends, Diane Da Costa and Kimberly Christensen.

Diane Da Costa is a Pace University graduate, a licensed cosmetologist, and the owner of SimpleeBEAUTIFUL CurlyTexturedBar. She is a NYC celebrity hair designer, curly textured expert, educator, and author of the book, Textured Tresses. 

Kimberly Christensen is a Parson School of Design graduate. She has designed clothing and accessories for designer brands; and designed private label brands for large retailers. Kimberly brings years of experience in product development, design and merchandising to DYAKIM. Together they created Textured Turban; the perfect quick-dry microfiber hair towel that easily and securely wraps around the head in an uniquely designed fashion turban, cap and standard towel.

Diane has been drying her salon client's hair with microfiber towels, and the textured turban method for at least a decade. When she described the curly regimen to her clients, she realized that they would benefit from the at-home use of a quick-dry, microfiber towel. The idea was to create a new quick-dry microfiber turban towel that prevents hair breakage, retains curl moisture, and creates on-the-go curls. She then turned to her best friend, Kimberly to execute the design of Textured Turban, Yama Cap, and the Hair & Body super absorbent microfiber towels. The two women formed DYAKIM to collaborate on the microfiber collection, along with several beauty, bath, and hair accessories for the brand. 

We hope you love our collection, the perfect way to quick-dry and style your tresses with fearless style!